random photos.

                                                                   here is apartment?
                                                                   i have been cutting out anything obscene or anything i find amusing from the new york post
                                                                   Lisa, only person i speak to at school
                                                                   these guys are real scumbags, i have 2 classes with both of them, they suck each others dicks, have the same terrible haircut, wear the same outfits honestly most of the time.... 

                                                                   View of the hudson from 199 chambers street
                                                                     idk bored lolz.


  1. newspaper cut-outs are for ransom notes when you kidnap the presidents daughter in movies.....do you have a plan i dont know about?

  2. I got some awesome cut-outs from the daily news today! I'll save em' for you. One reads "PREPARE FOR THE PAIN" in big letters, the other headline reads "Pump and dump duo busted..."